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A Whole New Way of Office-ing! Houston’s New Executive Suites; Part Function, Part Art!

(article from Zan Magazine, May/June 2012 issue. Pages 64-66.)

Upscale office suites and amenities paired with the style of a New York Soho art gallery. – Sudy Samandari

When you think of executive suites, less than inspiring images come to mind: cold floors, drab walls, a grumpy receptionist. But not anymore! The vision of The Village Executive Suites offers business professionals a futuristic office space: Upscale office suites and amenities paired with the style of a New York Soho art gallery. So instead of cold floors and drab walls, VES provides a unique ambiance to its tenants with decorative finishes and custom art adorning the walls.

Imago Dei created all the wall finishes using specialty products such as, American Clay, Diamond Veneer, Venetian Plaster, SIlver Leaf, and Lusterstone Mica Plasters. Current paintings on display were created by Jeremy and Jamie Wells, the owners of VES, and contemporary artist Henry Membreno. Additionally, VES plans to host four gallery openings a year, yielding an influx of traffic and patrons to benefit the artists and tenants.
Of his vision of creating VES, Jeremy Wells says, “As an artist I recognize how environments effect space, mood and productivity. I have been creating environments for my clients for years and it was a dream come true to put all I have observed together in one space.” In an interview Zan got the chance to find out more about this new posh Houston spot- built with today’s sophisticated professional in mind!

ZAN: What was the idea behind The Village Executive Suites?
Jeremy Wells: We loved the neighborhood feel of the Rice Village and wanted to create a workplace environment that caters to the many entrepreneurs who live in and near the neighborhood. Being both artists and entrepreneurs we weren’t interested in building your average office building. We designed a space that is extremely efficient yet captivating and beautiful. We felt there was a need to create a space that was confident in its professionalism, fully equipped with up-to-the-minute technology, while fun in its creative modern aesthetic.

The people who work here are passionate about what they do and we thought the space they do it in should facilitate that as much as possible. The Village Executive Suites does just that through the aesthetically engaging interiors, the many amenities included, and the friendly support staff. Even at the architectural stage we designed a workplace whose common areas could double as an art gallery. The lives of the people who office here are anything but static which is why we designed a dynamic art exhibit which rotates throughout the year displaying the works of both emerging and established artists. The art has a lively energy that really makes the space come alive.

What needs does it fill for people?
One of the first things we do with clients considering our facility is sit down and consult with them to find out if we think their business would be a good fit for the building. We are filling a specific need for many entrepreneurs by providing them with a cost effective and streamlined method they can incorporate into their business model. We cater to small businesses that need a space away from their home yet don’t necessarily need a large office with all the overhead associated with it. By bundling services such as support staff, furniture, phone systems, internet and phone service, mail and printing services as well as a business-ready conference room there is tremendous value for our clients to office here. One other perk of having an office here is that there are no business names on the individual suites, this gives our client’s visitors the impression that the entire office is theirs and that is a pretty impressive assumption.

Being an entrepreneur is often a lonely journey. We’ve designed an environment that facilitates a sense of community where entrepreneurs can share both their victories and their challenges. It’s in these kinds of encounters where vital new perspectives are discovered or even new business opportunities. We find that besides the obvious networking opportunities, there is also a synergy that drives peak performers to reach their full potential.

What is the vision for the near future?
We have an ear to the ground listening to visionaries describe the office of tomorrow and what types of environments will inspire people to work at their full capacity and efficiency. When we see a potential service or opportunity to help our business owners be more successful we will pivot and adapt quickly. In addition to this agile business model we are designed to be able to implement new services constantly. We are already planning even more ways to expand and perfect our current facilities.

How is the face of ‘offices’ changing in our fast moving mobile world?
Tomorrow’s office is seamlessly integrated with technology that meets the practical needs of office workers. It is an office where technology does not isolate us from one another but through increased productivity enables us to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships. The idea of a long-term commitment has changed drastically and tomorrow’s workers will need a space to work that responds to their ever changing needs. We’ve proactively responded to this by offering flexible furniture packages, the ability to scale up or down your office space needs as well as offering extremely flexible terms. Collaboration is continually being recognized as an important business tool both within an organization and between other organizations. Our workplace design embraces this. Work is increasingly being done on mobile platforms and we’ve embraced that not only by providing multiple common spaces to work with WiFi but also by providing seamlessly integrated Virtual Office programs where someone can use our address, a phone number and phone service, as well as hold meetings in the conference room. We’ve offered this in response to the many entrepreneurs out there who are not quite ready to bite off a full time office commitment but are ready to fully leverage current technology to literally house their company in a Virtual Office environment.

The fact that the phones in our pockets today are more powerful than our desktop computers a decade ago has taught us that more can be accomplished with less these days – and the same goes for our offices. By leveraging shared common space and current technology our entrepreneurs are realizing that productivity does not necessitate a large office building.
In this age of transparency and accountability excess is generally frowned upon. We’ve designed a place that is luxurious without feeling excessive.
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Zan Covers Village Suites
Zan Covers Village Suites
Zan Covers Village Suites